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Let's Dance!


Dancing  can be thought of as a nonverbal way to communicate a story. There are a variety of types such as hip-hop, lyrical, jazz, tap, ballet, religious dances, and much more. Sometimes communicating something without talking can be much more powerful and that is why it is an important art to consider investing in. From using dance in gymnastics, to being on a varsity dance team, and a dance club in college, I have realized that it can also be a great escape; just a way to let your emotions out of your system when there is no other way to express your feelings.

Bleeding Love - Hip-Hop01:58

Bleeding Love - Hip-Hop

So You Think You Can Dance- Bleeding Love

1. This first video is one of my favorites from the popular show So You Think You Can Dance. It is a hip-hop routine that really communicates a hearfelt story. From watching the dance, I see a couple dominated by the male who is often busy with work and controls his partner.

Waterford Mott Varsity Senior Dance-002:26

Waterford Mott Varsity Senior Dance-0

2. This second video is actually one that I performed with my high school dance team. It has a variety of interesting ripples that can be added to any group routine.

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