We all know that finding certain moves can be difficult when creating new dances either for a high school dance team, a recital dance, dancing for a studio, or just dancing for your enjoyment. On this page I will share some moves, dances, and youtube videos that I have either performed myself or found online that has helped me create dances in the past.

Random Tricks DescriptionsEdit

1. The first picture illustrates an aerial, otherwise known as a cartwheel with no hands. This trick requires some training, I would suggest attending an open gym at a gymnastics center in order to properly learn how to administer the trick. An important tip however, is to circle your arms backward as you kick off the ground in order to gain momentum. For a clear demonstration go to this video.

2. The second picture shows a partner trick that is quite simpler than it looks. It took my friend and I a few trys to get it exactly right, but the trick really requires some degree of flexibility and the more flexible you are the better.

3. The last move also can be done right at home, but again you need to be somewhat flexible in order to perform it correctly. Start on your knees and roll on your stomach in order to do the trick. It may take a couple of trys and the more momentum brought on, the easier it will be to get into the air.

Random TricksEdit

Holy cow! She's upside down, are you seeing this? Whatta dancer.


An aerial (cartwheel with no hands).


Here is a partner move that can be performed in a lyrical routine.

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